Lower back pain causes

Lower back pain is prevalent in today’s society. It is so prevalent, in fact that more than 4/5’s of the population in 1st world countries suffer from some sort of back injury once in their life, with about 20% of them suffering chrnoic pain. Therefore, in order to try and prevent this from becoming a problem in your life, it is of utmost importance to identify lower back pain causes, why so many people are suffering with back injuries, and what you can do to prevent it.


Lower back pain and lower back injuries can result from a plethora of things. It can be due to your lifestyle, or even genetics. For this article we will focus on our lifestyle choices and how it affects us.


Bad posture is one of the main reasons people suffer back injuries. If you slouch often and don’t keep a straight posture you put yourself at risk of developing lower back problems. Being overweight is also a contributing factor to back pain. The weight shifts your center of gravity and therefore makes it harder to maintain a proper posture. Weak abdominal and core muscles can also put you at risk of developing back injuries, since the spine has little muscle to support it. One of the worst contributors, yet most easy to fix, is incorrect lifting techniques. Many people often use improper technique when manual handling heavy objects, and thus have herniated disks .


To ensure that you don’t suffer back injuries, all you have to do is lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods with calcium and protein, to keep your weight in check. Do some daily exercise, which may include back stretching or anything that works the core muscles, and learn the proper technique to manual handling as it is an important skill to learn.


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Also please keep in mind that this post is for informational purposes only. In NO WAY should you take the word of this article over your doctor’s advice. If you do have chronic back pain ensure that you consult your physician. We are in no way responsible if you harm or injure yourself due to what you have read from this article or post.